Winners Win, Losers Learn

Earlier this week, I was listening to a podcast and the host mentioned a quote that I had never heard before, but as soon as I heard it I knew that I would never forget it. The host said, “Winners win, and losers learn.” I cannot overstate how true this statement is for every aspect […]

Lesson Learned

This week I learned a tough lesson, and I thought that I should share it with all of you with the hopes that it might serve as a reminder for you as well. Just this morning, I spoke with a patient who was on his 4th visit and he seemed a little disappointed with his progress. […]

Where Does It End?

How do you know what you can or can’t do if you never try! This week I have had 3 patients ask me what they can do, and/or tell me what they can’t do. All 3 patients were at different ages, different physical capabilities, and different points in their recovery from their injuries. One woman […]

Just Take A Breath!

Tim Ferris recently released a new book titled Tools of Titans, that I recently picked up on the recommendation of a friend. (When I say recommendation, I mean that he stopped by the office and dropped off his copy for me to read!) The premise of the book is that Tim Ferris, who is famous […]

Take A Moment To Thank Mom!

None of us would be here without our Moms! They not only brought us into this world, but they have had an immeasurable impact on who we are today, for better or worse. As an adult, I often reflect on how my life progressed to this point, and I realize that I cannot possibly overstate […]

Take Care Of Your Brain!

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with a new patient, who was dealing with postpartum depression after having her first child 2 months ago. She told me that she had been struggling in silence for about a month before her OB/GYN asked how she was feeling and she broke down in tears. During her […]

Steve Kerr Weighs In With Advice About Spinal Surgery

I am going to keep this one very short and sweet. For those who didn’t see this news story this week, Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors basketball team, was unable to coach his team in an NBA Playoff game because he is still suffering ongoing issues following a lumbar disc surgery […]

Strength Training Is The KING Of Medicine

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to listen to a lecture delivered by Jonathan Sullivan, MD. Dr. Sullivan spent about 25 years working as an emergency room physician, but decided that he wanted to shift his focus from trying to put broken people back together and spend more time building people up! So what […]

Do You Really Know What You Are Eating???

I love this time of the year! When the weather starts to improve, I start to day dream about getting outside to enjoy the weather! Many of us soon realize that the summer AKA “Bathing Suit Season” is not far behind and start to “tighten up” our diets. Changing our diets in the short term can […]

My Joints Are ALWAYS Cracking! WHY???

  OK, it is time to tackle another frequent question that comes up in the office. You know that you have been wondering this too! So, why do our joints crack and pop? Is it bad for us? Since the second question is the easier one… Let’s answer that one first. OK, a joint that […]