Have You Ever Spent A Weekend With Someone Else?

Let me tell you about a little trip I took recently! I was heading down to Alexandria to spend the weekend with Craig Liebenson. You all know who he is right? I mean he is almost as famous as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift! (Are they still famous? I am so out of touch!) Since […]

What Should We Do When The Research Results Are Not True?

  How many of you are well aware of the relationship between saturated fat and heart disease in America? What would you think that if I told you that there is evidence that that is one of the greatest lies ever told? I saw several different articles this week all discussing the fact that the […]

What Are You Watching???

  I have to tell you that I LOVE this time of the year! Do you know why? Every night this week, I sat down at night and got to watch the worlds best athletes compete at their sport of choice! (The best part about it was that Carol didn’t even ask me to change […]

Is Your Pain Any Different Today Than It Was Yesterday?

Pain. What is it? How do you describe it? Pain is an experience that is unique to each and everyone of us. We all feel pain, but our reaction to the pain is what differs from person to person. I often tell patients, when asking them to “rate their pain,” that I cannot compare your […]

Would You Recognize It If Someone Was Drowning?

  For years Hollywood has been doing the American public a disservice. Take a moment to picture someone drowning. What do you see? Is the person quiet or loud? Do you see any splashing?  In the movies, drowning victims are often shown to be screaming, with their arms flailing, but according to Frank Pia, PhD […]

Is Running Enough? Or Should I Be Doing More?

Earlier this week, a former patient asked me whether I thought that adding core exercises to her running routine would help her at all. My immediate response was “Help in what way? Would it help performance? Yes! Would it limit injuries? Yes! Is there any downside to training your core? Nope!” I think that she […]

What Lights Your Fire?

Last week we talked about how pain is like the check engine light in your car, and this week I want to share another analogy that I use in the office to explain the process of pain to our patients. I got a lot of good feedback on last week’s video so I figured that […]

What Do Your Pain and Your Car Have In Common?

  Pain is very complicated! It is tricky to understand, and even more tricky to explain to patients. The catch is that it is incredibly important that people in pain understand why they are experiencing the pain that they feel. The more that you understand how pain comes about, the more likely you are to be able […]

What Is Arthritis? The Answer Might Surprise You!

I cannot tell you how many times I have patients tell me that they have pain that is because of arthritis! What if I told you that arthritis, by itself, does not cause pain? (I need to clarify something, when I say arthritis I am talking about degenerative joint disease, and not about the rheumatoid […]

Have You Ever Stopped To Wonder “WHY?”

Earlier this week I had a conversation with a colleague of mine, whom I respect greatly. Throughout the time that I have known him, he has been a teacher, mentor, and friend to me. (I hope that I have been able to play the same role in his life too.) OK, back to the story… During […]