Do you know who Brene Brown is? She is an author, who also happens to have a PhD. So, she is a smart cookie! Dr. Brown was thrust into the spotlight a couple of years ago after doing a TED talk about vulnerability that has been viewed on YouTube over 10 million times since it was originally published on the website in 2011. I think that you could say that it went viral... Since that time she has been busy writing books that focus on courage, vulnerability, and leadership. The books are well written and very relatable, but I understand that not everyone enjoys picking up a book to do some light reading.

While scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch, I stumbled upon a Netflix special called The Call To Courage. Rather than a 20 minute TED talk, Netflix thought so highly of Brene Brown that they gave her a full 76 minutes. That hour went by very quickly and allowed us to see a little more of Ms. Brown's personality. Courage is something that many Americans struggle with, and many don't understand what courage is and why they struggle with it. If you are not much of a reader, and would like some help (and a good laugh), I would definitely recommend taking the time to watch it. It is part motivational speech and part stand up comedy special! 

Here is that TED talk about Vulnerability
The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown
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