Where is your focus right now?

What are you doing? During the past several months, much of America has been so engrossed with COVID-19 and the upcoming election that we seem to have forgotten about how we treat one another. Unfortunately, we seem to be focused on the wrong things.

Have you ever wondered why we tend to focus all of our attention on big picture things? Despite the fact that we have very little opportunity to change them, we still expend an inordinate amount of our attention on them. Yet we still spend a considerable amount of our time talking about them, and tweeting about them, arguing with our friends on social media about them and watching news stories that are spun to make us believe what the media wants us to believe.

We need to shift our focus!

Do you know where spending all of our time and energy on those things that we cannot change leads us? Straight into FRUSTRATION! Why focus on something that you know you cannot impact? So why waste time banging your head against that wall. Don't you think that we would be better off if we spent our time and energy focusing on making a positive impact in our community...  I do!

So the next time you are feeling frustrated with our political leaders and the decisions that they are making, take a walk and see how you can help your neighbor, your place of worship, a local charity, or a local small business during these trying times.

Believe me, they will appreciate your efforts a heck of a lot more than any politician in D.C.!


Movement is my medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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