Can You Get Up From The Floor? Why Does That Matter?


I had a conversation with a patient about this test earlier today, and found this post that I had written several years ago. I figured that it would be worth sharing again! If you have you any questions please let us know.

A study done by Brazilian researchers found that your ability to sit down on, and then get up from, the floor can have a direct impact on your mortality. The study, performed by Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo, showed that those who were able to get up from the floor minimal contact from other body parts (i.e knees, hands etc.) had a significantly lower mortality rate in a six year follow up. The test is easy to perform, and even easier to interpret, as a matter of fact, you can probably even test yourself at home. The researchers found that people who had a score of lower than 8/10 were twice as likely to die during that six year span. In order to score an 8/10 on this test you would require no more than one additional point of contact with floor to get up or down. You may be wondering how this test can have any predictive value and  Dr. Araujo stated that "moving, for the average person, especially those who are older, and the ability to rise from the floor is very much relevant to autonomy." If you would like to read a little more about the study here is a link:



Or to see how the test is performed (with English Subtitles), Here is a link to Dr. Araujo's You Tube Page:

Teste de Sentar e Levantar - TSL (English subtitles) Nov2011
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