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This is the third installment of our series reviewing the important take-home messages from our recent trip to Las Vegas to attend Parker Seminars, the largest chiropractic seminar in the country. During our last 2 newsletters, we have discussed quotes that were shared by David Goggins and Dan John. This week we will be talking about this statement made by Nita Farahany. 

"Exercise is the lowest tech way to improve cognitive function... Kids need to learn to run with their legs, not their thumbs."

For those not familiar with Dr. Farahany, please allow me to share some of her background. She has attended Dartmouth for her undergraduate degree, obtained a JD and PhD while at Duke University, and received a Master's degree from Harvard University. Since her graduation she has been a professor at Duke Law School, as well as an author. Her area of expertise is the impact that emergent technology has on our brains, and on society as a whole. She wrote a book called The Battle For Your Brain, which discusses the impact of new technology on individuals.

The quote above really tackles two separate issues in our world. For those who have been around our office for a while, you have probably seen our shirts that feature the statement "Movement is my medicine." We chose to use that quote because of the impact that movement can have on our physical health, but Dr. Farahany's statement introduces another significant benefit that we can derive from movement. Not only does exercise help with our physical health, but it also enhances our cognitive function. It makes our brain more effective and efficient. As if you needed another reason to exercise...

Onto the second part of Farahany's statement. This portion really resonated with me and has led to several conversations with our daughters over the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, this generation of children has more access to computers, televisions, phones, tablets, and video games than any generation before them. Many children prefer to spend their free time using one of those devices. Farahany asserts that we need to return to the way that we used to spend our time as children. Not only for the known physical health benefits but also due to the less often discussed impact on congnition.

We owe it to our children to encourage them to use their own legs more, and use their favorite video game character's legs less! 

What is the best way to show them how important exercise is?

Let them see you doing it!

Get out there and move!


Movement is my medicine,


Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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