How many of you NEED your coffee in the morning? Ok, Ok, calm down! You only need to raise one hand! No need to raise both hands and wave them around! OK, another question. How many of you know that special person who you cannot even talk to in the morning before they have had their coffee? For some of us, looking in the mirror before coffee can even be a challenge.

Recently, I stumbled across an article on that outlined  the potential for coffee to have a positive impact on the overall lower risk of death! You read that right - Coffee might actually help you to live longer! Now be careful not to read too much into this. Coffee has not been proven to be the fountain of youth (yet) but this research does seem promising. The article, that I am talking about, looked at a long term observational study of close to 20,000 people, over 10 years, in Spain. According to the findings of the research, the people who drank (at least) 4 cups (32 oz) of coffee had a 64% lower risk of death!

The downside of this research is that it is not the highest quality research and is only observational. So the results can only be described as correlation, but NOT causation. Over a 10 year period, it is very difficult to control all the variables.

Coffee may very well be one of the most important drinks that we ever take! It not only helps you to live longer but might just help all the other people we come in contact with to live longer too!
Movement is my Medicine,
Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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