Yesterday was Independence Day! The Fourth of July! It is the day that we commemorate the United States of America finally became a sovereign nation. Yesterday, I had the chance to watch the US Women's World Cup team defeat the Brits once again. If you did not get to see that game, I highly recommend that you find a stream online and watch it. (I guess that I should have said SPOILER ALERT before I mentioned that they won...) The best part about the game was sitting with my daughters on the couch with my arm around them all, with our eyes glued to the game. That moment was very special to me, and I can only hope that they will have fond memories of that moment as well.

Typically, I would say that sitting and watching television with your children is not a great way to build memories, but this Sunday might be the exception to that rule. Our Women's World Cup team will be facing the Netherlands for the World Cup! So... if it is raining (about a 40% chance according to on Sunday morning at 11 AM grab your family and watch our women attempt to bring home their 4th World Cup! If it isn't raining, don't hesitate to DVR it, just make sure that you avoid all social media! You will not want it to get spoiled for you!

(BTW the Men's National Team will be playing in the Gold Cup Final against Mexico at 9 PM on Sunday night... So you might get to see the Women win the World Cup and the Men win the Gold Cup on the same day!)

I hope that you have an amazing weekend!


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Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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