First Things First!

Dr. Carol is BACK! Earlier this week Dr. Carol Bleam returned to seeing patients and she is very excited to get back to helping people recover from their injuries. She will be available to see patients on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7 AM to 12 PM. As much as she loves spending time with our girls, I know that she really enjoys helping people eliminate their pain so they can get back to doing the things that they love. Selfishly, I have to admit that it makes me very happy too, because I will get more time with my girls now (but don't tell her that)!

Dr. Chip will be leading a hands on workshop on hip mobility at Blackbird Crossfit on Saturday, August 15 at 10 AM. Come on out and learn a little about your hips and how they might be limiting your abilities!

I also wanted to share a quick message. I stumbled across a Facebook post earlier this week that I thought I should share. Hopefully, we can all learn a little from this particular scenario. Pardon me for a moment while I climb onto my soapbox...
No matter who you are, or what your fitness level is, you should NEVER judge anyone else who is actively attempting to improve their fitness level! NEVER! EVER!
Now that my rant is over... The story that was posted on Lindsey Swift's Facebook timeline, describes a "man" who is DRIVING by her and her boyfriend while they were out for a RUN. This "man" felt the need to lean out the window of his van to heckle Lindsey. Lindsey took it upon herself to write an open letter to this "man" on her timeline, and her response was brilliant. If you would like to read it, click HERE.

 Movement is my Medicine,
Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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