e cannot really blame our Doctors or Pharmacists, because they have to make decisions based upon the available information. All that we can do now, is to take this new information and come up with new options for treatment. We can only assume that an anti-inflammatory diet would be a good option for those that suffer from GERD.

Do you know what I find to be the most interesting thing to come out of this research? How were all those people getting relief from their GERD symptoms if they were using medication that was not targeting the cause of the symptoms? This is an example of the power of the brain when we discuss The Placebo Effect. This effect occurs when someone is given something inert and then is advised that it will help them. Upon taking this placebothe patient's condition will improve.

Some may view this research as a huge step in the right direction and it is, but I am seeing another example of the power that the brain has to heal the body!

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