Exercise Can Keep You Young!  So Why Aren't You Doing More?

Earlier this week The New York Times published a great article on their Move Blog. The article, titled How Exercise Can Keep Aging Muscles and Immune Systems "Young," draws some amazing conclusions. The focus of the article was to look at the impact that exercise has on our muscles and our immune system.

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A group of scientists looked at a group of cyclists, aged 55-79, who ride at least 400 miles per month. The most recent studies compared the muscles and the T-Cell count of these riders to their peers and also to a younger group to see who they most closely resembled. I am sure that you are not surprised to learn that they most resembled the younger group. So what does that say? Well, it screams just how important exercise really is, especially as we get older! Exercise is as close to a Fountain of Youth as we currently have available to us. 

As amazing as the results of this study are, would you like to know what really scares me? They estimate that approximately 10% of people over the age of 65 exercise regularly! I find myself wondering "Why Not???" 

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