The AHA Suggested A New Vital Sign. Can You Guess What It Is?

Alright, time to get back on track. The last couple of newsletters have not featured any real health information. And it is time to get back to our roots! 

Just a couple of weeks ago, the American Heart Association published a scientific statement that suggests that we need to add a new vital sign that we monitor on a regular basis. They suggest that we need to be monitoring aerobic fitness levels. Even if your doctor is not monitoring your fitness level, YOU CAN. There are a couple of online methods to test your fitness levels ( is a good place to start). Those online tests are not as accurate as a test performed by a professional, but can still give you a good idea of where you stand at this moment.

Our fitness levels gives us an idea about the efficiency of our cardiovascular system, or the ability to get blood circulated to all the tissues of our body. Do you think that that might be a little important? The scientists who collaborated on the paper all emphatically stated that aerobic fitness levels need to be tested on a regular basis.


If you want to read the paper, here is a link to the page:

There is a very simple take away from this paper. 

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