Performance Enhancers in High School?  Check This Out!

The New York Times Well Blog recently published an article with a great headline that certainly caught my attention. Hopefully, using a similar headline got your attention too! The headline that they used was "The New Performance Enhancer in High School Sports? Nutrition." Admittedly, the headline forced me to click to learn more about what they would be talking about.

It seems that we, as a society, are quick to look for the easy way out. People from all walks of life fall into this trap. Everyone from presidential candidates to businessmen and women to professional athletes, and the list goes on. However, children seem to be spending more time looking up to their local sports heroes than anyone else including their own parents. Unfortunately, more and more of these athletes are getting fined and suspended for using performance enhancing drugs. Clearly, these athletes are not setting a good example for our children. So who can we turn to?

The article discussed the fact that many student athletes are turning to better nutrition to improve their performance. Instead of looking for ways to cheat the system, these young athletes are finding ways to improve their game through natural (and legal) means! Not only are they focused on nutrition, but they are also very aware of their sleeping and exercising habits. Maybe we could learn a little from these kids! 

If you would like to read the article, click on this image:



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