Have you reached out to say thank you?

Earlier this week, I got wrapped up in a conversation with some of my high school classmates. It was an amazing walk down memory lane. The whole conversation began when Katie, one of my classmates, posted a question on Facebook. She had been telling her husband about the survival swim test that were required to do, and he did not believe that we actually had to do it. Of course, about 50 of us rushed to defend Katie and explained the process to her husband (who I am sure thinks that we are all crazy.) To be clear, we did actually have to do a survival swim in our MIDDLE SCHOOL swimming class. First, we jumped into the pool fully clothed, then took our jeans off (with a bathing suit on underneath of course) and turned into a flotation device by tying the pants legs in knots, then pulling the waist of the jeans over your head quickly to fill the legs with air, and then we would simply bob in the water. Sounds easy right? (The craziest part of that story might even be that we had a swimming pool in our Middle School and our High School...)

After taking the first step down memory lane, all of the stories and memories came flooding back! It was pretty cool to be able to relive some of the amazing memories that made up my high school experience. One of my all-time favorite stories involved the boat races in our pool. In teams of 4, we needed to build a boat out of half-gallon cardboard containers. Then we raced those boats in the pool. One of the reasons that this memory stands out to me is because my team won! Why did we win? We were the only team to put a point on the front of our boat... Why did we do it? Not because it would help us to move more effortlessly through the water, but because we thought that it looked cooler... That is a little glimpse into the mind of a 7th grader.

Many of the things that others remembered, I did not recall at all until they mentioned them. In reliving those memories, I was reminded of many of the teachers that impacted my middle and high school years. Then it dawned on me... I had never gone back to thank them for all of the help that they had given me. 

The next day, I sat down at my computer to send emails to the teachers that I could find the information for, and I began to search for contact methods for the others. Some of them (including my JV and Varsity basketball coaches) were on Facebook, and we have been chatting on there. While I am aware that I will not be able to track down all of the teachers that influenced me, it is important to me that I express my gratitude to those that I can reach!

Who has had a profound impact on your life?

Do they have any idea that they had that impact on your life?

Have you expressed your gratitude to them?


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