I have been seeing a lot of people putting up their Christmas decorations already... I am not OK with this!  (I hold them personally responsible for yesterday's weather...) Please understand that I LOVE good holiday decorations as much as the next guy. My only objection to the early decorations is that people will often overlook Thanksgiving in preparing too early for Christmas. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Over the past decade (or more, probably much more) there has been a great divide amongst people, and I believe that if we spent more time expressing gratitude and being kind to one another, we would all be in a better place. I can assure you that we would see that we have a lot more in common than we thought, and we would definitely spend less time arguing over our differences.

So, as you sit around the table, on Thanksgiving weekend, with family and friends, rather than focus on differences that may exist, instead focus on being grateful to have the time with your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at FC&R!


Movement is my medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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