It seems that just about every year, during the first week of January, I have a similar conversation with quite a few people. It goes a little like this...

Patient: "I really want to focus on exercising more in {fill in the year}."

Me: "Why?" (Not because I think it is a bad idea, but because I want to know their reasons)

Patient: "I want to lose weight/get stronger/run a marathon/etc."

Me: "That's great! What is holding you back?"

Patient: "I just can't seem to find the time..."

Me: "How much time do you think that you will need? 

Patient: "I need 30/60/90 minutes a day, and between my work and taking care of my family  I just don't have that kind of time."

Watch the video below to see my response!

My response to the patients who tell me that they don't have the time to exercise!

Movement is my Medicine, 

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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