If this is too soon, I will completely understand if you decide to skip reading our newsletter this week... I want to talk about the Baltimore Ravens today. How is it possible that just seven days ago we were all talking about how AMAZING the Raven's season was, then just a couple of days later we were talking about how DISAPPOINTING the season was? Can a season be both AMAZING and DISAPPOINTING at the same time? Of course it can!

The Ravens, likely, began the season with the same goal as the other 31 NFL teams, to reach the Super Bowl. But not many people actually expected them to reach that pinnacle. In fact, in the preseason, the odds of them winning the Super Bowl was 32 to 1... According to the odds, there were 15 other teams that were more likely to win the Super Bowl (including the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers, LOL). However, rather than focus on the incredible improvement that the Ravens made this season, most of us are focusing on the loss Saturday night. The progress that they made this season was amazing, AND they are set-up for success again next season!

How does this apply to my life? We are a lot like Ravens fans! Rather than focusing on all the progress that we make along the way in working toward our ultimate goal, we tend to stare at the last hurdle that tripped us up along the way. Do not take your eyes off the prize to turn around and look at the past! The Ravens aren't going to look back anymore, they are focused on working hard for that Super Bowl for next season, AND you need to do the same thing! 



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Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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