This week was a very interesting one! I had two new patients come in to see me who had recently been treated by other local chiropractors. I think that it is fair to say that they were surprised (hopefully pleasantly) by the examination and treatment that they received at Freedom Chiropractic & Rehab. They were even more surprised when we discussed their treatment plans in our office! One of the patients actually said to me "You mean that I should be feeling that much better that quickly? Why did they think that I would need to take so long?" I tried to explain what it was that we do differently, but then decided that it would be best to just show him the difference.

The majority of chiropractors tend to be very passive in their treatment. Meaning that they will use spinal manipulation as their primary means of treatment. They might mix in a little electric stimulation, ultrasound, or a "roller table." I just keep shaking my head when I hear people describe the "rehab" that they do in other offices. Those of you who have been treated in our office KNOW that we do things a little differently! Most people only know what they have experienced before coming in, so we have to take time to explain what we are doing and how it will help them get better quickly. It is the ability to combine the best of chiropractic and physical therapy that allows our patients to get relief from their symptoms so quickly. They often finish their treatment stronger than they have been in years. 

Most of you who are reading this have been seen in our office, but your friends might still be seeing their "old school" chiropractor and be in NEED OF A CHANGE! Share our information with them and let them know what a difference Freedom makes! 

Movement is my Medicine,
Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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