Is it your fault? Is it your responsibility?

Earlier this week during a podcast that I listen to the host mentioned a video that Will Smith posted on Instagram. Then a couple of hours later a fried of mine posted a link and said that I needed to watch it... So I felt compelled to watch it right away. The universe was speaking to me, and I listened. I am glad that I did! 

In the video, he discusses the difference between something being your fault and something being your responsibility. I thought that the message was fantastic, and it is liberating as well. The biggest difference is that when you say something is someone's fault, you are assigning blame to them. The word fault has a negative connotation. However, when you accept responsibility, it is empowering. You have chosen to find a way to overcome the negative in your life and make your life better, despite the circumstances.

Take a moment and watch this video!

Fault Vs Responsibility by Will Smith FULL SPEECH
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