What Do You Do For Fun?  Why Does It Matter?

Patients are always surprised when I ask them what they like to do for fun. And I am usually surprised by their answers! Most patients will look at me funny and then ask me: “Why do you want to know?” I want to know BECAUSE IT MATTERS! I want to know more about my patients. When was the last time your doctor took time to get to know more about you, not just as a patient but as a person. I need to know what makes my patients tick. Learning about the things that you enjoy doing allow us to set meaningful goals for us to work toward. I need to know how active you are, but more importantly I want to know how active you want to be. Are you someone who is only happy when you are running 50 miles a week? Or are you someone who is happiest curling up with a good book? Do you see how that could impact our treatment plan?

The reason that our office runs the way that it does is because we want to know our patients. Our patients will NEVER be a number in our office.

Movement is my Medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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