It is time for a hot dog and a drink!

Yesterday we all celebrated our nation's independence. It is a day that we celebrate the obstacles that our forefathers overcame during the Revolutionary War, to be able to sign the Declaration of Independence. We celebrate the birth of our nation!

This weekend also marks the "Turn" for the year. For those non-golfers out there, the turn is the transition from the Front 9 to the Back 9 in a round of golf. The end of June is when we transition from the first half of 2024 to the second half of the year. Typically, on the golf course, at the "turn," while grabbing a snack and drink, I often take a moment to look at the scorecard for the first 9 holes. I check how many greens I hit in regulation. I look at how many fairways I hit. I count the number of putts I took. It is a quick assessment of how the first half of the round went. 

The next step is to use that information to make plans about how to improve when I play the back 9. 

 Over the weekend, please take a moment to review your scorecard from the first half of 2024. Are you spending time doing the things that you want to do? Is your budget balanced? Has your nutrition been what you want it to be? Have you been exercising enough? Are you getting enough sleep?

Once you have assessed those things that are important to you, take a moment to figure out what needs more attention in the second half of 2024. Then devise a plan to make it right over the next 6 months!

Good luck on the Back 9!


Movement is my medicine,
Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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