It's finally off!

After a long 4 weeks, Madelyn finally got her cast cut off. It has been a long month for all of us. Now that the cast is off, we can begin the process of getting back to normal. 

If you remember, during a soccer game on Memorial Day weekend, Madelyn fell and landed on her outstretched hand. The end result of that fall was a buckle fracture in her left radius and four weeks in a cast. During that four weeks, unfortunately, she missed out on four lacrosse tournaments. Yes, one tournament every weekend, and a lot of practice along the way.

With each passing week, she was growing more frustrated and felt like she was falling a little behind the other girls on her team. Instead of just being bummed about it, she did something about it. During the time with the cast on, she worked on using her other hand, her non-dominant hand. In lacrosse, it is a valuable skill to be able to use both hands. Broken arm or not, she also continued to show up. Practice? She was there helping out. Tournaments? She was there tracking statistics and cheering on her friends.

Despite her injury, she never stopped being a part of her team. 

Earlier this week, the cast finally came off. She came home with a brace to wear when she felt like she needed it. When I got home that night, she said hello to me, gave me a quick kiss, put on her brace, and told me that we needed to have a catch in the yard. She knew she had tryouts coming up again soon and wanted to get ready. 

It was a rough 4 weeks, for her (and for us), but we did learn some valuable lessons throughout this process.

1 - Just because you are injured doesn't mean you stop being a part of your team.

2 - Even if one part of you is injured, you can still work on improving other parts.

3 -  Once you are given the go-ahead to return to normal activity, take your time but get back to it. 

Movement is my medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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