I Love Seeing These Kids Outside Moving! 

While all the crazy political discussion dominates all the headlines, there has been another interesting phenomenon going on. Have you noticed how many kids are outside right now??? I LOVE THIS! Do you know why they are out there? Pokemon, that's why!

What is a Pokemon? I have no freaking idea, and I don't really care! Do you know why I don't care? Because kids are outside and moving around! Does it really matter what a Pokemon is? 

Evidently, Pokemon began as a card game, and has become a video game, the very thing that many of us blame for the amount of time that kids spend in front of the television. Now, these video games are bringing our kids outside AND getting them to move around. Now if only we could get them outside without needing to bribe them with video games...

We can dream! 
Can't we?

Movement is my Medicine,
Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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