This week will be a fun week! Let’s be honest every week is a good week, but this week I get to lead a discussion at BW Primary Care here in Eldersburg. AND I get to talk about something that I love. MOVEMENT! The BW team has put together a great weight loss program that focuses on making the changes to your diet that are necessary for weight loss, but I will get to discuss the importance of exercise in the process. Over the years, many personal trainers have told me that 75% of weight loss happens in the kitchen! But that means that 25% of weight loss happens elsewhere. Do you know where elsewhere is? It is in the gym or wherever else you may choose to exercise. It’s also in the bedroom, but not in the way that you are thinking… Sleep is an essential component of weight loss!

I have discussed the 7 Minute Workout (7MW) on several different occasions in these newsletters, but I want to make sure to share this information with everyone (or at least remind some of you). The 7MW consists of 12 movements that require little to no equipment, but has been demonstrated, scientifically, to provide benefits similar to a combination of a long run and visit to the weight room, but in approximately 7 minutes. Go ahead, I dare you to tell me that you can’t find 7 minutes in your day to get up and move. I am going to introduce the patients at BW to this workout, in an effort to help them find that elusive 25%.

If you would like to try the 7MW all that you will need is a wall, a chair, and your body (and a desire to work a little). I would also recommend that you pull out your handy smart phone and download a 7MW app from the app store. There is a free version available for just about any type of phone. The app will keep the clock for you so that you don’t have to!

The movements that you will be doing are:

Jumping Jacks
Wall Sits
Running in Place
Push-Up With Rotation
Side Plank

The exercises are done in this order for a reason, so please keep them in this order. Remember that performing these exercises should be uncomfortable. At no time should it be easy! If after the first run through it is too easy, saddle up and do it again!

If you would like to watch a video that simplifies this workout 

7-Minute Workout
Watch the Video


Movement is my Medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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