Looking forward to our Christmas Eve tradition!

Last week we talked about a couple of traditions, but this week we are going to talk about my favorite tradition! To be honest, it is a little crazy, and I don't know of anyone outside my family that has the same tradition... and that is probably why it has become my favorite. Every family has a crazy way to celebrate one holiday or another, and there is typically an even crazier story to explain it!

Our crazy Christmas tradition is that we go to...  McDonald's for breakfast on Christmas Eve. It may seem a little strange, but it is what we do. Now, we don't eat at McDonald's during the year, unless we have to. As a result, my kids really look forward to breakfast at McDonald's every year! Probably because it is a treat to them. Eating at McDonald's is the exception and not the rule in our family. 

This particular tradition began in my family when I was 5. So you could say that it has been going on for a couple of years now... and I am hopeful that it will carry on for years to come!

Like most traditions, this one began by accident. My Mom needed to do some last-minute Christmas shopping and she used breakfast at McDonald's as a bribe to get me to behave while she shopped. The following year, the same thing happened! At that moment this tradition was born and we have not missed breakfast at McDonald's since that time (other than my college years when I would not typically wake up in time to make it there in time for breakfast.) Now all of my girls look forward to this breakfast as much as I do, if not more.

Over the past several months, these newsletters have talked about how 2020 has been a very different year than most. The imposed changes make this a great year to begin new traditions. Most people will be celebrating Christmas and (probably) New Year's a little differently this year than we have in the past. What kind of new traditions can we start with the changes in our celebrations this year? 

What will you be doing differently this year than in years gone by? 


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