My Heart Is Happy

One of my goals for this year was to play more golf. For those that don't know, I really enjoy playing golf, but over the years I have really struggled to find the time to play. Last year I made a conscious decision to try to get back into the game after about 10 years away.

Last year, I was able to play a grand total of 5 rounds, and went to the driving range several times. That was a huge improvement over the 1 round that I had been averaging over the past 10 years. To say that last year was an inconsistent year would be an understatement. If you want to get better at golf then you will need to spend more time on the range and on the course. Knowing this, my goal for this year is to get out and play at least 10 rounds! Believe it or not, I have already played 5 rounds this year! Well, one last Friday was cut short by torrential rain on the 14th hole... Which was likely to be my lowest round since I have returned to playing more frequently if Mother Nature hadn't (literally) rained on my parade! 

Playing more rounds this year should, theoretically, help me to improve my scores. Playing more frequently has not helped much yet this year... but I have a strategy. Golf is just like every other sport. No one gets better by simply playing the game, you need to practice! As a result of this need to practice, there have been more trips made to the range this year. Unbeknownst to me, my girls have been paying attention...

Here is the part that made my heart happy! Two weeks ago, after a long weekend of lacrosse, Maddy asked if she could join me at the driving range. That alone made me over the moon. Then on the Fourth of July, Molly asked if I would take her to the driving range too! Next thing I know the entire family was piling into the car and heading to the driving range!

We had a blast! I bought 2 large buckets of balls, and said a little prayer under my breath that they would all enjoy it... We filled the two buckets and then divvied up the balls among the girls, and I stood back and watched them try to figure out this game that has perplexed me for years!

After about 30 minutes of hitting balls, the girls all walked off the range with huge smiles on their faces. One girl confidently stated, "Dad, I think that I am a natural!" Another girl asked, "Dad, can you buy me a set of golf clubs?"

With a smile on my face, I just listened to them. All of us waiting for the next chance to go to the range!

Who knew that practice could be so much fun?

Can't wait to do it again!  


Movement is my medicine,


Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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