Nothing is guaranteed...

Memento Mori... We have discussed the fact that we must live our lives like every day might be our last. Unfortunately, we have been hearing of a lot of tragic losses of life lately. About 10 days ago, one of our friends passed suddenly. She had no time to say goodbye to her parents, her husband or her two boys. Can you imagine not how the people who mattered most to her must have felt? Like a piece of them was just ripped away from them, without any warning.

This loss was difficult for us to process. Shannon was a friend of ours who we had lost touch with over the years. We continued to stay in touch through social media. We watched her boys grow up through pictures. We laughed at the jokes that we shared. Despite the time since we had last seen each other, the impact was felt in our house. Our families were walking a very similar path. 

The connection to Shannon was much stronger than that. She was doing exactly what most of us are. She was raising her two boys to be strong, confident, and yet gentle, men. She was loving a loving wife to her husband, John. She was working to make the lives of the students that she worked with better. She was doing the same things that we are ALL doing.

I don't want to write this to scare anyone, but to remind you that nothing is guaranteed in this life. If your spouse asks you to sit and talk, turn off the television, or put the computer away, and talk. If your child wants to play Legos, put your phone down, and play. (Be back in a minute because that exact scenario is happening right now.)

No matter what is going on right now, we need to take the time to spend with the PEOPLE who matter most in our lives. There is always a possibility that it is your last chance.


Movement is my medicine,


Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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