It's all about the basics! 

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with one of our new patients. Susan (not her real name) is a mother of two in her mid-40's. Susan has been dealing with lower back issues for the past several months, but does not recall any specific reason why. Her lower back pain seems to be gradually increasing in terms of both frequency and intensity, but there was no real explanation. After some additional questions, she told me that she has been doing a "new core routine." Now we are getting somewhere! 

Her "new core routine" included a lot of "new, cool" core exercises, but had removed all the basic core exercises. Why? She told me that one of the trainers at her gym showed her this routine. The trainer told her that it would give her the results that she was looking for even faster than what she had been doing.

Let's pause here for a second. About 8 weeks ago, I told you that I was taking on a new training program to get myself ready to tackle the Kettlebell Snatch Test. Let me tell you, this program is boring! However, it is focused on the basics! I don't do any crazy exercises. As a matter of fact, I do the same combination of exercises, with a slightly different rep scheme, three days a week. It is simple (and boring), BUT it is effective. It is focused on the basics. 

Maybe I am crazy, but I found myself wondering why we are constantly searching for new, more challenging, and more innovative way to do things. 

There is a reason why the basics are called the basics.

They work!

Stick with the basics!

Movement is my medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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