Perfect Posture Is A Figment Of Our Imagination!

This week has been an interesting one at FC&R! We have had several new patients come in to the office from other local chiropractors and physical therapists, after having been referred to us by the primary care doctors. I love seeing new faces in the office, but a lot of these patients have preexisting notions about their condition (or entire body) that they have picked up in these other offices. One patient this week told me that her (previous) physical therapist told her that her "hip's always out." What does that even mean? How could she even walk if her hip was "out?" Where did it go? Another new patient told me that his (former) chiropractor told him that if he did not get "3 months of adjustments" then his neck "would be a mess for the rest of his life." Seriously??? Again, what does that even mean? As a healthcare provider, my job is to help people to feel better, certainly not to make them feel worse! As a result, I often have to spend a significant amount of time trying to teach these patients that they are not a fragile house of cards bound to fall apart if a stiff breeze comes up out of nowhere.


Human beings are a strong, robust organism that is built to weather the storms that life throws at us. Do you think that we would have climbed to the top of the food chain and survived this long if we hadn't developed the ability to acquire skills to overcome all of those hurdles! Remember that you are STRONG, and that strength gives you the ability to climb to the tops of mountains and enjoy the view!

This video from Dr. Greg Lehman is a fantastic video to explain why we try not to police perfection in our office, but rather help people to find the most efficient postural and movement patterns for them. Everyone is different, and everyone will move differently! And that is OK!

Here is a video that Dr. Lehman recently released that explains a lot of the thought processes that have brought us to this approach! 

Perfect posture doesn't exist

Watch the Video

Some of you may recognize Dr. Lehman's name from the Pain Science workbook that I have shared with many of you! Carol and I attended his seminar last year in Philadephia and I can honestly say that he has been a huge influence on our office and how we practice! 

 Movement is my Medicine,


Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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