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I am, reasonably, certain that almost every single person who reads this newsletter has heard the phrase "Work Smarter, Not Harder." We all know how this applies to work (and school if any of the readers are still in school), but have you ever taken a second to think about how this might apply to other aspects of your life? How many little Life Hacks can you think of? There are a ton of them out there!

So let's talk about how we can "Work Smarter" when talking about nutrition!

1) If there is no junk food in the house, it is much tougher to eat any! Seems simple, but it is not always easy.

2) Take water with you everywhere you go! Especially during the summer dehydration can cause a lot of issues.

3) Only grocery shop, WHEN YOU HAVE A LIST! Stick to the list!

4) If possible, pick frozen food over canned food. Frozen food is typically flash frozen, while the canned foods are superheated before they are canned. Superheated = Limited Nutritional Value

5) Fire up the grill on Sunday night and grill a bunch of chicken breasts to use for lunch throughout the week! The easier it is to make lunch the more likely you are to make good choices.

If you have any suggestions, let me know and I will share them with everyone else in an upcoming newsletter.
Movement is my Medicine,
Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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