You May Think That The Food You Eat Is Good For You, But Your Nutritionist Might Disagree.

Diet is ALWAYS a topic of conversation in the office. The food choices that we make everyday impact our well being in more ways than many of us can imagine! I recently came across a great article from Eat This, Not That, a website published by Men's Health, that consisted of a simple list of the foods that we may think are healthy alternatives, but nutritionists tell us that we should avoid.  If you want to check out the list click on the link in this image.

17 So-Called Healthy Foods Nutritionists Wish You'd Stop Eating

1) Whole Wheat Bread

2) Brown Sugar

3) Agave

4) Commercial Chicken

5) Commercial Pasteurized Eggs

6) Whole Wheat Pasta

7) Flavored Yogurt

8) Canned Organic Beans

9) Pasteurized Milk

10) Skim Milk

11) Certain Fruits - Mangoes, Cherries, ad Grapes

12) Granola

13) Tofu

14) Soy Milk

15) Fruit Juice

16) Energy Bars

17) Boxed Cereal

If you want more information on any of these foods, please click the link to read why the nutritionists feel that these foods are not what we have been lead to believe that they are!


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Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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