During a conversation with a friend earlier this week, she mentioned that her son had turned 14 that day. While she was excited, she was also a little nervous about what he was going to do later in the day. Unsure of what she was hinting at, I looked at her quizzically.  After a long pause, she mentioned that he was going to take part in his first ever full workout at Blackbird CrossFit that night. Knowing the community and support that resides in those walls, I reassured her that he was gonna love every second! FYI - Age 14 is the line in the sand that has prevented him from participating in his first full class at BBCF. Now that he was 14 he was finally able to get in on his first full class! The workout that was programmed for that day could not have been better! (H/T to the coaches at BBCF!)

The best part about this whole story is that this young man's first class was a PARTNER workout! AND he chose his partner wisely! He was able to do this workout with his father! (Unfortunately, his mother couldn't be there, or I am sure that they would have done it as a team of 3) 

You may be wondering why I am telling you this story... This family has done it right! They prioritize exercise, and their son knows it! As a result, their son chose to spend an hour of his 14th birthday (when he could have been lost in a video game, or texting friends) standing side by side with his father working through a tough workout!

CHALLENGE FOR TODAY - Look in the mirror and ask yourself "Am I modeling positive behaviors for my children?" If your answer is no, it is probably time for you to make some changes. Daily habits and patterns that children observe from you will impact their habits as they mature. So choose your habits wisely! 

Movement is my medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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