Times are a changin'

Everyone needs to be able to adapt to change, but this week has thrown a lot of change at us. Who could have possibly guessed that fall weather was going to start right at the beginning of September? (I mean we all know that "Second Summer," that 3-day heatwave that hits Maryland every year, is right around the corner.) Our kids are headed back to school again. Sports practices and games are back on the calendar. Family schedules are full again and life is slowly returning to "normal."

During this week filled with so much change, I am going to focus on setting a new schedule for my life. Anytime your routine changes, it is a good idea to pause for a moment, reassess priorities, and reevaluate progress toward our goals. This change in the season presents the opportunity to make the necessary changes in our schedule and our lives to help us to reach the goals that we set earlier in the year. 

How is everything going on your end? Are you reaching your goals? What do you need to do differently? Take a moment and really think about it.

With this change in season is there a way to change your schedule so that you can get back on track?    

Movement is my medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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