It happened again this past weekend... The Patriots won ANOTHER Super Bowl. Can you believe it? As tired as I am of seeing them hoist the Lombardi Trophy, it is impossible not to be amazed when looking back at the dynasty that they have built. It is arguably one of the greatest dynasties in sports history. Almost all of the pieces have changed (many of them, several times over) throughout the 17 years since Tom Brady was drafted 199th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft, but in that 17 year span the Patriots have played in 9 Super Bowls and won 6 of those games. The only pieces that have remained unchanged are the head coach, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady. Those two men, who when all is said and done will be remembered as the best Quarterback and the best Head Coach in NFL history, have been able to adapt to all the changes that the NFL and it's free agency/salary cap limitations. They not only adapted, one could even say that they conquered! How did they do it though?

If I (just like the vast majority of Americans) hate the Patriots so much, why am I taking the time to write about their success? Their success demonstrates the value of consistency. As an example, imagine that you decide that you need to get healthier. In order to get the ball rolling, you wake up on Monday morning and decide to get in a 30 minute workout before you go to work, but are only able to get one run in during the week. How much progress do you think that you will make? I'm going to guess there will be very little progress. However, if you are able to do those same 30 minute workouts, 5 days per week, imagine what kid of progress you could make. The difference is consistency! In this case, be like the Patriots, and be consistent!

(Now you can resume hating the Patriots...) 

Movement is my medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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