In our last newsletter, we talked about one of the worst weeks that our family has ever had to deal with. Anytime that a husband and wife are both sick at the same time life is a little tough, but when they are also responsible for taking care of three sick kids, while they are sick at the same time, life becomes a little tougher! Then you FINALLY conquer the flu and get to move on with your life! That is exactly what we did!

Last week we were all, finally, able to return to our normal activities. Despite lingering symptoms and the fact that we certainly were not 100% early in the week, we were all able to do our normal everyday activities. However, we learned quickly that we were struggling to do the extra stuff. I didn't feel strong enough to lead our kettlebell classes, much less exercise myself. The kids would come home from school exhausted. At the end of a long day in the office, I knew that I needed to take it easy at night, or I would pay for it the next day. As the week progressed, we began to gradually add more of those extra activities. I taught a kettlebell class, then did some easy kettlebell work myself that evening, then I returned to the gym for a "light" workout the following day. On Friday night, I finally felt up to returning to a full intensity workout at Blackbird CrossFit. Despite the fact that Carol and I got sick at around the same time, she knew herself well enough to know that she did not feel completely ready for that and she waited a couple more days before tackling her first workout. Later that weekend our girls finally got outside to ride their bikes for a bit and then went to lacrosse the next day. I am happy to report that we had no major setbacks!

This just proves that despite the fact that we might feel that we are completely over something, whether that be a cold or an injury, we still need to ease back into our normal activities. We need to allow our bodies the time that they need to fully recover AND we all heal at different speeds. So listen to YOUR body because NO ONE knows your body better than you do!

Movement is my Medicine,
Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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