Some of you may have heard a little about this late last week... for those of you who have not yet, grab a cup of coffee and listen up. Last weekend, my family had planned to head to Ocean City to enjoy a great beach weekend! We were all over the moon excited to get away and spend some time together! Then mother nature literally rained on our parade... Needless to say that I was a little bummed... I was convinced that actually going on this trip was a terrible idea. We could either be rained in here at home or we could drive 3 hours to spend the weekend being rained in in someone else's beach condo... Which do you think would be better? Stuck in your house or a much smaller beach condo? I thought that the weekend was shot. Luckily, Dr. Carol was able to convince me that we should go regardless of the weather. (She is truly the eternal optimist) As a family, we drove down early on Friday night, and got to spend the evening on the Boardwalk, enjoying the rides and (unhealthy) food. We woke up the next morning, ate a healthy breakfast, then hit the beach for several (cloudy and windy) hours on the beach before the torrential rains blew into town! So we enjoyed the Boardwalk and the beach, then got to spend some time together as a family! What more can you ask for?!?! 

Looking back on it, I cannot believe that I even considered not going on this trip simply because the weather was not going to be ideal. Don't let Mother Nature rain on your parade, get out there and enjoy life!

(BTW - This is kind of my way of admitting that Dr. Carol was right)

Movement is my medicine,


Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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