Are you seeking discomfort?

This weekend marked the end of the lacrosse season in our house. After a grueling month of lacrosse tournaments, with a three-day overnight camp mixed in. Let's just say that our family are ready for a break!

This has been a challenging year for both Maddy and Molly. Both girls competed in the nearly 100-degree heat over the weekend and were absolutely drained at the time of the final whistle.

Earlier this spring, Molly told us that she is not really enjoying playing as much this year. She decided that she would rather just focus on playing soccer and take a break from lacrosse. This is probably for the best for her, and for the rest of our family.  

Maddy, on the other hand, loves to play. As the season wraps up, she always starts to prep for the upcoming try-outs which begin in 2 weeks. Maddy is a fiercely loyal young lady, in years gone by she has only tried out for one team. She has been on her Hero's team for the past 4 years, and she loves it. There was a little curveball this year though. During the meeting after the final game of the season, the coaches recommended that the girls try out for other teams. 

This simple statement threw a lot of the girls for a loop. We have been on this team for 4 years. Why would the coaches even suggest that we think about going to try out for a different club? 

After some thought we came to a realization. They don't want us to go anywhere else. They want to keep this team together. The coaches want the girls to feel the pressure to show their skills in a new, unfamiliar environment. They want the girls to be evaluated by other coaches and get feedback to help them become better players.

They want the girls to be uncomfortable.

At first, I was concerned about our spot on the team, but now I see the logic behind their request. 

Today's Lesson:

What are you doing to make yourself uncomfortable?

If you stay in your comfort zone you will never grow.


Movement is my medicine,
Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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