What is feeding your growth?

Everyone grows. From the day that we are born we grow. We all go through growth spurts as we mature physically. When we are children we go through physical growth spurts. As adults, we can go through mental, emotional, or even spirtual periods of growth. While physical growth spurts are inevitable with most children, the other growth is a direct result of the daily choices that we make.

  Ask any parent and they typically know when their child is going through a growth spurt. They can tell by simply looking at their grocery bill. As children mature physically, they begin to consume more food, more calories, more of everything! As adults, our growth tends to coincide with the consumption of the building blocks of mental/emotional/spiritual growth. When we grow we begin to read more, listen to more, watch more, learn more. For some, it can be a short burst of information that prompts a brief, rapid episode of growth. For others, it will be consistent consumption of information that will cause a slow, gradual change.

Going through growth as an adult is not much different than when we go through a growth spurt as a child. While we are growing the things that we consume during that period of time have a profound impact. Are your children fueling their growth with vegetables and proteins? Or are they fueling it with chips and ice cream? Even as adults, the things that we consume on a daily basis will impact our progress. Are we choosing to crash on the couch and binge on the most recent Netflix series? Are you constantly filling your head with the "news" from the talking heads on television? Or are you listening to a motivating podcast? Or are you sitting and reading a book that challenges you daily? 

The media that we consume is going to push us in one direction or another. Please do all that you can to make decisions about what you watch, listen to, and read that will help you become the person that you aspire to be!    


Movement is my medicine,
Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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