One of our patients, Danielle (I'm not going to use her real name to protect the innocent) came in, this morning, for her 10th visit, which was her re-evaluation, and she was upset at how much pain she was still feeling. I was caught off-guard because it seemed to me that she was improving with each treatment. She had been working hard at doing her rehab exercises every day, but still rated her pain a 3/10 (Her original complaint had been a 5-6/10). Then I looked at the form that she had completed the night before where she indicated that she was feeling about 75% improved at that time. I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but that didn't add up to me. So we had a long conversation about what had been changing. She told me that she had been feeling much better, and had been able to resume her typical training. However, she had an episode of increased pain after a particularly difficult training session, which came hot on the heels of an extended drive in returning from vacation. I explained to her that this is NOT uncommon. Then I showed her this picture...

While Danielle felt like she had taken a huge step backwards, the reality of the situation is that she suffered a minor setback on her road to recovery. These are totally expected along the way. Life throws curveballs at us all the time, but we cannot allow these setbacks to throw us off the course of success. Just continue to be consistent and do the work!

Movement is my medicine,


Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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