What Does A Rubber Hand Have To Do With Your Pain?

Pain is a very confusing topic, and for some reason, I have been talking with patients about it A LOT this week. Maybe there are just more people dealing with pain recently, or maybe it is the increased stress levels because of the upcoming election... 

Your brain controls your pain. But your brain can be tricked pretty easily! It can easily be convinced that there is pain in a body part despite there being no increase in the "pain signals" from that area. If you have ever heard of phantom limb pain, then you know this to be true. How else could someone experience pain in their left foot, even when they don't have a left foot!  If you learn nothing else from this newsletter, make sure that you remember that your pain exists in your brain, not where you feel like it is coming from!

In the experiment that you are going to see here, you will how the brain can be tricked into believing that pain exists, even when there is no conceivable explanation. Watch carefully, as the unknowing "victim" is fooled.


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Here is an article about the "Rubber Hand Illusion" from The Guardian




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