When Was The Last Time That You Told Someone This?

Unfortunately, as we near Election Day, I feel like we have been seeing a lot more negativity. I for one am really tired of seeing it all over television, listening to it on the radio, and hearing it in conversations among friends. Our children are watching and learning from us. This negativity that we are surrounded with may very well rub off on therm. Do you want them to be surrounded by it? It is time that we focus on more positive things in our lives, to set the example for everyone that we come in contact with.

The video that is linked in the picture above is a video that was circulating on Facebook this week, and I can honestly say that watching it not only had a positive impact on the people involved, but I can only imagine that it had a positive impact on everyone who has watched it too! The video was produced at Oak Park High School in Kansas City. It shows teachers communicating with students in ways that many of us never imagined. 

So I want you to step back for a second, and take a moment to think about when the last time was that you told your son or daughter that you loved them? Or told your boss that she inspires you? Or that your neighbor that he has had a positive impact on your life? In this time of negativity, we need to find the time to be more positive, in both actions and words! And spread that positivity far and wide!


This is another example of things that we should be doing with our kids!
Watch this Video too!

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Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

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