For those that don't know me very well, I am a bit of an extrovert. When the office is buzzing, then I am typically at my best. When one of our Freedom Strength classes is packed I am on top of the world! I love it. Interaction with other people makes my engine go.

Knowing that about me, I bet it is relatively easy to understand that social distancing is a thing that is not exactly easy for me. A segment of the population (all of you introverts know who you are) is probably loving this though...

One of the things that we have been doing is trying to spend more time reaching out to our friends and family. We have been trying to arrange Facetime or Zoom calls just to see everyone's faces while hearing their voices.


More than I ever could have guessed!

Over the past week or so, I am trying to be a little more selective with who I am choosing to spend my time with on these "calls." Do you think that I am choosing to spend more time with people who are always frustrated by the current situation or those who are finding the bright side? 

Jim Rohn, an entrepreneur, and well-known public speaker, once said - "You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with." I have to tell you this is the TRUTH! Choosing to surround yourself with positive people will have a significant impact on your outlook.

Let me be clear though. This does not mean that you should completely avoid spending time with the people who are around you who are struggling or stressed out. It just means that you need to find a balance. You need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself by spending time with those who lift you up, but also taking the time helping those who may be struggling to find the positive in our current situation.

Your positivity is like the flame on a candle, you can use it to light someone else's candle without losing yours!



Movement is my medicine,

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam

Dr. William "Chip" Bleam


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