Do we have any tennis fans in here? For those not paying attention, the US Open is going on this week. So tennis is in the news a little more than it would typically be. As interesting as the US Open is, I am more intrerested in what happened at the Miami Open back in April! In his comments following the victory, John Isner thanked his chiropractor personally.

Isner then went on to say
 "Clint is my Chiropractor. You know, I am almost 7 feet tall and 32-years old, it takes a lot to keep me on the court. It wasn't anything he's done [specifically] this week. It's what he's done through the course of six years we've been together. I have been very healthy for six years." He is quick to credit his chiropractor with keeping him on the court for the past six years.

Now I have to ask you... What can we do to help you?

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