If you are anything like me, you probably struggle to get your 6-8 hours of sleep every night. I am not one who has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, but I never seem to get to bed early enough. No matter how much I get done at night, there is always something else that I want to get done, and I know that I will not have time to get it done the next day. So in an effort to check more off the to-do list each day, I tend to stay up later than I should. To be honest, sometimes I stay up later than I should to simply catch up on some reading or watch my favorite TV shows... But is missing out on sleep impacting my ability to get stuff done the following day? I never knew the answer to that question, until now!

Earlier this week the Today Show ran a segment that focused on the Oklahoma State Football team and how the coaches have regulated the player's sleeping habits. These football players are not much different than typical college students - who frequently sleep in until noon (just because they can) or pulling all-nighters to study for a test, etc. But the coaches are leveraging technology to get the players to buy into changing their sleeping habits. After implementing the changes, the players have been able to see demonstrable results on the field, and more importantly, the team is winning football games! These new sleeping habits have helped to catapult the Cowboys to the Top 10 in the country. If focusing on their sleeping habits has allowed the Oklahoma State football team to reach this new level, just imagine what it could do for you!

How much sleep do you get?
Is that enough to put you at the top of your game? Everyday?

The Snooze You Can Use

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